LED Reception Displays

Do first impressions count? It might be a cliché but they certainly do. If you are running a client facing business then the reception area of your business does say a lot about you and your business. You should grab this opportunity with both hands, create the right first impression and sit back and see clients flood through your doors. Wow your visitors with video LED display in your reception and win them over before they even speak to the receptionist.

The electronic LED and LCD reception screens are specially designed for reception areas, giving you the opportunity to display essential information to your visitors. There are different types of displays, such as:

  1. Single line LED reception display
  2. Bi-line LED reception display
  3. Multi-line LED reception display
  4. Video LED display

LED reception signs can be used to display welcome messages, information about building fire and emergency procedures, and corporate news and videos. They can be easily programmed to display rotating messages. We have a design team that is capable of making adapted housings for the LED display of your choice. A variety of methods can be used to mount your display, which takes into account the design of your lobby or reception area.

The methods could be one of the following:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Floor standing
  • Suspending from the ceiling
  • Or desk mounted

Our designs will incorporate your corporate identity utilizing company colors, logo, and other objects you choose. Wall-mounted LED video reception displays – they have a visual impact and are usually the first thing your visitors will be drawn to as they make their entrance. Floor-standing displays – introduce a touch of elegance and attraction factor to your lobby by using floor-standing LED electronic displays. They have the advantage of portability and so you can move them to various locations when you need to. Video LED displays are versatile as to the types of messages you can display on them. Video LED displays now play a very important role in customer-facing businesses, and they should be part of your information and media methods.


Dynamo LED Displays

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