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Your Indoor TV Just Isn’t The Same Weatherproofed outdoor televisions will give your family the ultimate in outdoor entertainment. It’s about more than the look. It’s about finding the best of functionality and performance combined into one elite outdoor TV. Who says you need just one? Decorate your space to the max with an elite quality to match your home. Check Out Our Video Wall Solutions   Ultra Bright Luminance At All Times Deciding on the right outdoor television isn’t always an easy task. You can easily opt for the wrong model that won’t provide the exact luminance you need. We make it very easy to determine how bright you need your television to perform. The last thing you want is to purchase an outdoor tv that doesn’t suit your needs. Explore our options of ultra bright televisions perfect for your outdoor setting.   High-Caliber Safety Ratings Outdoor televisions and safety go hand in hand. Not putting your safety first can open you up to losing your investment into the perfect outdoor tv. Sometimes it takes an additional 5 to 10 minutes of research to determine the right model for you. Browse through the safety ratings of our televisions to understand how they can help you make the right choice.   Ultimate Weather Protection Whether you live in a climatically active environment or the dense heat of texas, we’ll help you pick out a television that suits your needs. Weather is a big deal when it comes to picking out an outdoor tv. Something as simple as humidity can have a big impact on your outdoor television. Take a look through the various weather ratings on our site to understand the right choice for you.   Dynamo LED Displays Has Just What You Need We maintain super high ratings for one reason. It’s because we love outdoor TVs also. We wouldn’t offer you anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. That’s the mark of a trustworthy company. Come and experience the magic. You are only one click away from receiving the perfect outdoor tv for you and your family to enjoy. Trailers with LED Screens Large Outdoor TV’s Large outdoor TV’s use exactly the same technology as the huge LED billboards that you may see when you’re driving along the motorways or past Piccadilly Circus in London. The main difference with our outdoor TV’s and these LED billboard solutions is that the pixels are a little closer together, the means we can provide outdoor LED screens with a far higher resolution and thus a far sharper picture.   Shaded Tv’s Not every outdoor tv sits in the unshaded heat of the sun. Even so, our series of shaded outdoor TVs offer you up to a 50% brighter display than your indoor tv. That means you can sit under the awning or your favorite canopy and not worry about any indirect sunlight impacting your viewing experience. The difference between a shaded tv and a non-shaded tv is in the luminance. Think carefully about where you will place your TV to understand exactly what you need. If you have any questions, our expert support specialists are here to help. Contact Us   Partially Shaded Tv’s A partially shaded tv sits in a place where sunlight may come and go. As you already know, the sun travels from east to west. That means at some parts of the day, your tv may be shaded or not. In this case, you may want to consider a partially shaded tv to ensure you always have the best viewing experience possible. That also means getting a super pleasurable viewing experience in the dark as well as a 4K anti-glare screen in the sun.   Full Sun Tv’s Even if you want your outdoor tv to sit in the direct sunlight, we have an option for you. Modern outdoor tv technology can provide you with an incredibly sharp, crystal clear, glare-proof experience. All you have to do is know where to shop. These all-weather LED displays offer an incredibly brilliant HDTV experience for both residential and commercial needs. Whether you’re entertaining guests or hosting an outdoor event, we’ve got you covered.   High-Performance TV’s Deserve High-Performance Ratings Take your pick between an ultimate selection of ultra-performing outdoor TVs fit for any space. We’ve done the hard work of curating the best of the best outdoor TVs on the market. Whether you’re looking to build the ultimate outdoor BBQ patio or a super relaxing lounge for the family, we’re here for you.   Not Sure What You Need? Don’t worry about it. We get questions from concerned shoppers all the time. Looking to discover how much luminance your tv needs? Not sure if you need to spring for that super bright 1,500 nits tv or something less bright, let us know. We’ll help guide you along the way. Through the years, we’ve helped hundreds of customers find exactly the right outdoor tv for their needs.   Outdoor TV FAQ Everyone has questions. Here are a few of the most popular!   Can I place my indoor HDTV outside? The average indoor tv has a brightness of around 300-400 nits. This is not recommended for even the most shaded outdoor areas. It is advised that you purchase an outdoor anti-glare tv that has enough luminance to prevent ambient light from interrupting your viewing experience.   Do your outdoor TV’s come with everything needed to install? Yes. All our outdoor TVs come with everything you need to install, minus the mount. You may choose to purchase your own mount. However, all of our TVs come with everything you need to operate such as the power cord, control, and instructions for the best operation.   Do I need to purchase an external speaker for my outdoor TV? This is completely up to you. While all of our TVs come with high-quality crystal clear interior speakers, your viewing experience will be enhanced by external speakers. All of our TVs are compatible with all major external speaker manufacturer brands.   Can my outdoor TV be mounted on the wall as well as in the wall? The overall mounting is a design choice that depends on the location of your outdoor tv. If you have the space to mount the tv in the wall (flush), you may choose to do that. Alternatively, you can also mount the tv on a standard exterior wall mount.    


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