Covid Thermal Detection and Facemask Clocking In Units

Fast Detection 

(0.05s, the fastest in the market) 

Long Detection Range 

0.3m~1.2m, no mis-detection and protect people) 

High Accuracy 

(±0.2forehead temperature 

99.9% Face recognition: fantastic solution for access control ) 


Powerful AI Chipset

With ISP technologies, images are able to avoid shadowing shorten the detection.



Pedestal mount
Pedestal mount
Pedestal mount
Pedestal mount

Wall mount

For preventing the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus),

Thermal Detector with Time attendance system that adopts the new AI chipset, large thermal sensor array, and the latest algorithm, providing the cutting-edge face recognition and body temperature detection, with the ability to detect if employees are wearing a mask.


High Accuracy

± 0.2 ° C forehead temperature detection

Face recognition

the best solution for access control and time attendance system Fast Detection 50ms temperature + 200ms face recognition measurement

Long detection range

0.3 m ~ 1.2 m forehead body temperature detection

Wear mask recognition

Support face recognition with face mask, recognition rate> 95% Detection range: up to 2 meters
Supports 1: 1 or 1: N face comparison

Attribute Recognition

It can be set up to recognize if employees are wearing hard hates etc.

Variety of door access control Support

Face recognition for door access control, is compatible with many brands.

multi-language support

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean UI


Covid Thermal Detection and Facemask Clocking In Units
Covid Thermal Detection and Facemask Clocking In Units
Hardware Specifications Model  Hero-TD01-G 
Item  Specification 
Sensor Type  Uncooled infrared focal plane array 
Infrared Thermography camera  120*90 
Thermal measurement range  0.3m-1.2m 
Thermal measurement accuracy  ±0.2℃ 
Processer  AI chipset ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core, 4 x high performance CEVA DSP 
OS  Linux 
Storage  8GB EMMC+1GB DDR4 
LCD  7 inch, 1024*600 resolution 
Sensor  Dual 2Mp, low lux sensor 
WDR  ≥120dB 
FoV (Diagonal/horizontal/ vertical)  73degree /65 degree /40 degree 
Iris  F2.0 
Focus length  4.3mm 
Biopsy  Anti-electronic screen, video, mask hacker attack 
Recognize height  1.2~2.2 meter, angel adjustable 
Detection range  0.5m~2m, lens adjustable 
Face library  30,000 (default) 
Attendance Record  30,000 
Face angle  horizontal 30 degree, vertical 30 degree 
Alarm input  2 pcs 
Alarm output  1 pcs 
Access control  Push out 
Power supply  DC12V , 2A ( 9 -16V DC) 
Power consumption  Less than 24W 
Ethernet  1 pcs RJ45 10M / 100M Ethernet 
Wifi  2.4G Wi-Fi (Optional) 
USB  1 pcs USB 2.0 
Working Temperature  -40 ℃~ + 60 ℃.
Dimensions  120mm*226.5mm*33.5mm 


Algorithm Parameters Application  Items  Description 
Face recognition  Face recognition  Local recognition: 30,000 (default ) 
Algorithm accuracy  99.9%@0.01% (The accuracy rate is 99% under the 10,000th false alarm rate) 
Angle requirements  Yaw ±30°,roll ±30°,pitch ±15° 
Face minimum pixels  Face size above 80 * 80 pixels 
Face biopsy detection  Angle requirements  Yaw ±30°,roll ±30°,pitch ±15° 
Face pixel requirements  Interpapillary distance 50 pixels and above 
Algorithm accuracy  98%@0.01% (Real pass rate@Dummy pass rate) 
Non-biopsy category  Pictures, videos, coated paper, fake face models, etc. 
Face detection and tracking  Number of people captured  More than 30 people/frame 
Snap frame rate  25fps 
Minimum face size  30*30 
Adaptation angle  Yaw ±45°,roll ±45°,pitch ±30° 
Face attribute  Item  Gender, age, glasses, facial expression (angry, calm, happy, sad, surprised), mask, ethnicity, beard, ethnicity, hat detection, helmet detection 
Algorithm accuracy  Age accuracy (± five years old): more than 85%; 

Gender accuracy: more than 96%; Skin colour accuracy: more than 97%; Beard accuracy: more than 97%; Glasses accuracy: more than 98%; Mask accuracy: more than 98%; Has accuracy: more than 97%; Expression accuracy: more than 88% 


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