Novastar MCTRL300 LED Processor Sending Box




Product Type :Controller
Input Resolution :1280×1024, 1024×1200, 1600×848, 1920×712 or 2048×668(width and height can be specially defined by customers)
Capacity :1.3 million pixels
Supply Voltage :AC-100-240V-50/60HZ
Control Method :USB Interface
Video Interface :DVI
Audio Interface :3.5mm
Viedo Format :RGB
Output Interface :2 Ethernet ports
Bit Depth Of Video Resource :8bit
Light Sensor Interface :1
Certification :CE、RoHS、FCC、EAC、IC
MCTRL300 is a standard model of Nova controllers. It has the same characteristics as sending cardMSD300.

Novastar MCTRL300 LED Processor Sending Box Characteristics:

1. 1 DVI interface for video input.
2. USB interface for instruction communication.
3. Audio input interface integrated.
4. Resolutions supported: 1024*1200, 1280*1024, 1600*848, 1920*712, 2048*640.
5. Light sensor interface integrated.
What is Included:
1 x Mctrl300 sending box  ( MSD300 inside )
1 x power cable (power 110-264 VAC input)
1 x DVI cable
1 x USB cable

Change History

Document Version Release Date Description
V2.4.0 2020-09-02
  • Added the hot backup verification function.
  • Optimized the device cascading solution. Up to 20 devices can be
  • Fixed the problem that the displayed resolution becomes 0×0 occasionally.
  • Fixed the problem that the pre-stored image flashes when no input source is available.
  • The default screen configuration information becomes 128×128 after factory reset.
  • Changed the default resolution after initialization to 1080p.
  • Updated the product appearance diagram
V2.3.1 2019-10-31 Optimized the dimensions diagram.
V2.3.0 2019-05-15
  • Updated the document style.
  • Optimized the document content


The MCTRL300 is an LED display controller developed by NovaStar. It supports 1x DVI input, 1x audio input, and 2x Ethernet outputs. A single MCTRL300 supports input resolutions up to 1920×1200@60Hz. The MCTRL300 communicates with PC via type-B USB port. Multiple MCTRL300 units can be cascaded via UART

As a highly cost-effective controller, the MCTRL300 can be mainly used in the rental and fixed installation applications, such as live events, security monitoring centers, and various sports centers.


  •  2 types of input connectors
    − 1x SL-DVI
    − 1x AUDIO
  •  2x Gigabit Ethernet outputs
  •  1x light sensor connector
  • 1x type-B USB control port
  • 2x UART control ports
    They are used for device cascading. Up to 20 devices can be cascaded.
  • Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration Working with NovaLCT and NovaCLB, the controller supports brightness and chroma
    calibration on each LED, which can effectively remove color discrepancies and greatly improve
    LED display brightness and chroma consistency, allowing for better image quality.


Front Panel


Indicator Status Description
Slow flashing (flashing once in 2s) No video input is available
Normal flashing (flashing 4 times in 1s) The video input is available
Fast flashing (flashing 30 times in 1s) The screen is displaying the startup image
Breathing The Ethernet port redundancy has taken effect
STA (Red) Always on The power supply is norma
Off The power is not supplied, or the power supply is abnormal.

Rear Pane


Connector Type Connector Name Description
Input DVI IN

1x SL-DVI input connector

  •  Resolutions up to 1920×1200@60Hz
  • Custom resolutions supported
    Maximum width: 3840 (3840×600@60Hz)
    Maximum height: 3840 (548×3840@60Hz)
  • DOES NOT support interlaced signal input
AUDIO Audio input connector
Output 2x RJ45

2x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports

  •  Capacity per port up to 650,000 pixels
  • Redundancy between Ethernet ports supported
Control USB Type-B USB 2.0 port to connect to PC
UART IN/OUT Input and output ports to cascade devices.
Up to 20 devices can be cascaded.
Power AC 100V-240V~50/60Hz
Functionality LIGHT SENSOR Connect to a light sensor to monitor ambient brightness to allow for automatic screen brightness adjustment.


Connector Type Connector Name Description
Input voltage

AC 100V-240V~50/60Hz

Rated power consumption 3.0 W
Temperature –20°C to +60°C
Humidity 10% RH to 90% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions 204.0 mm × 160.0 mm × 48.0 mm
Net weight 1.04 kg
Note: It is the weight of a single device only.
Packing Information Cardboard box 280 mm × 210 mm × 120 mm
Accessories 1x Power cord, 1x Cascading cable (1 meter), 1x USB cable,
1x DVI cable



Video Source Features

Video Source Features
Input Connector Features
Bit Depth Sampling Format Max. Input Resolution
HDMI 1.3 8bit RGB 4:4:4 1920×1200@60Hz


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