LED Display Istanbul Turkey

Once it’s fully constructed, the new Istanbul Airport is going to be the world’s largest airport, expected to serve more than 200 million passengers a year. It’s planned that it will host more than two thousand arriving/departing planes, flying to more than 350 different destinations.

With such a large volume of passengers, it would be strange if the main terminal building didn’t look mighty. And it’s really does! Not only is it massive, stretching over an area of 1.4 million square meters, the building is also packed with all sorts of high-tech features. One of those is the SMART Signage developed by Samsung.

The reason why this signage has hit the headlines is that it’s not an ordinary signage that you can see in many airports across the world. This one is made of almost 700 LED displays that cover an area of over a thousand square meters. To put it in perspective, the area it covers is equivalent to 2.5 basketball courts.

Of course, the size of Samsung SMART Signage is impressive, but that shouldn’t surprise you considering that its home is the Istanbul Airport, which covers an area of more than 76.5 million square meters. But, being large isn’t the only amazing this about the signage. Another impressive fact about it is that it took Samsung only 45 hours to complete it.

And it’s needless to say that the performances of the signage are truly impressive. The picture quality is its main strength according to the people from Samsung Electronics, who also pointed out that this project was made with longevity in mind.

Considering the role of the signage at airports, Samsung paid special attention to make SMART Signage as sturdy and durable as possible. In order to achieve that, Samsung engineers decided to go with an IP5x-validated design which famously provides around-the-clock content without any problems created by factors like dust, heat, lighting, etc.

Samsung engineers are proud of their work, but even more importantly, so are the people from Istanbul Airport who believe it will help them put the airport on travelers’ maps.