Curved LED Cabinet P3.4mm


Pixel Pitch (mm) : P3.4
Pixel Density (dot/m2) : 82944
Resolution : 144*162
Module Size W*H(mm) : 250*562.5
Pixel Composition : 1R1G1B
Driving mode : 1/16 scan


Including VAT

Brightness (cd/m2) : 1200CD
Power (w/m2) : 330 W


Outdoor LED Cabinet SMD (RGB) P3.4mm

Dynamo LED Displays have launched a brand new curved LED rental series. The cabinets which measure 500mm (w) X 562.5mm (h) start at p3.4mm and upwards.

Not only is installation super fast due to easy connect and lock fixtures the magnetic LED modules as well as the rear mounted receiver card and power packs are quick release so any future maintenance is fast and hassle free.

The rental cabinets can be used flat or as a curve owing to the fact that the cabinets can be adjusted to bend in the middle meaning that they can actually bend concave or convex up to 15° over each 500mm.
The LED rental cabinets can utilize our latest software which enables us to monitor all hardware remotely and set thresholds for temperature, power supply failure, signal loss and many more faults upon which we are sent an alert. The same software also lets us remotely update the content so that we can set a schedule easily from anywhere in the world!