P1.9mm LED Cabinet 500mm x 500mm Dynamo DY Series

P1.9mm LED Cabinet 500mm x 500mm Dynamo DY Series


P1.9 LED Cabinet 500mm x 500mm

The DY series 1.9mm is available in cabinet sizes of 500mm x 500mm or 500mm x 1000mm. The simple, industrial and stable design gives the DY series the solid characteristic of reliability and longevity while the high-quality LED and chip specifications used ensure sharp vivid images and fantastic colour depths.

Fully Front Serviceable

This newest generation screen adopts full front service, a breakthrough for easy maintenance without the need for tools, which makes repairing and replacement more efficient. With a simple touch on the module with the magnetic tool, users can replace the module in less than a few seconds. Power supply and receiving cards can also be easily removed from the front too.

High Vertical and Horizontal Viewing Angles

The DY series product will bring you exquisite display effects, whether at narrow angles both horizontally and vertically the DY series will ensure great visibility with vivid colour and maximum visual impact.

High-Quality Build

Ultra-high precision CNC workmanship coupled with processing precision of <0.1mm and special seamless connection design, adjustable cabinet structures that control the gaps to within ±0.03mm all come together to give the DY series the flat surface for optimal viewing pleasure.

Hanging LED Cabinets

The lightweight and heavy thickness of our LED cabinet including fast locks make hanging more efficient.


Hanging LED Cabinet

Stacking LED Cabinets

Make the most of your business space with Stacking LED Cabinets! This innovative design allows you to stack multiple cabinets together, giving you maximum visibility in small spaces. It’s equipped with high-contrast displays and vibrant colors for an eye-catching presentation. Plus, its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. Maximize your space with Stacking LED Cabinets!

ground stacking LED Cabinets


High Strength Cabinet Testing

Ensure your products are up to the highest standards with High Strength Cabinet Testing! This rigorous process tests for durability and strength, ensuring your cabinets meet the most stringent requirements. It also looks for any potential wear and tear so that you can be sure of a safe, reliable product. Get ultimate peace of mind when you choose High Strength Cabinet Testing!


For more LED cabinet options please see: https://dynamo-led-displays.ae/led-display-cabinets/

  • Ultra HD LED Display
  • Full Front Serviced
  • Two Cabinets Size Options(500x500mm/  500x1000mm)
  • Front Installation
  • Unified Modules(250x250mm)
  • Aluminum Cabinet


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