LED Ceiling Tiles
Sky Tiles Pro

Dynamo led displays
Dynamo led displays
Dynamo led displays


Sky Tiles Pro cabinat view
Sky Tiles Pro cabinat view

Sky Tiles Pro - LED Ceiling Tiles

LED ceiling tiles measure 600x600mm and is compatible with all traditional ceiling frame solutions. They can be hung anywhere on the ceiling and in any pattern desired and display video content either on each individual LED tile or as an image over multiple tiles. Fire safety tests have been conducted on Dynamo LED Tiles, which comply with all safety standards.

Size: 600 x 600 mm
Weight: 2.4kg
Pitch: 3.75 mm
Res: 160 x 160 px
LED ceiling tile Super light cabinet

LED Ceiling Tiles - Super light cabinet

The weight of the tile is only 2.4kg

Ultra light cabinet

Ultra light cabinet

Ultra thin structure

Ultra-thin structure

Ultra wide Angle of view

Viewing Angle H160°/ V160°

Viewing Angle H160°-V160°

Capture every detail without color cast or image distortion, Even if viewing from the side.

Dynamo led displays

LED Ceiling Tiles

You can use LED sky tiles displays as a single unit or as multiple units. For real-life LED ceiling screens, you can install more than one panel and split the overall video content between them.

Practical and Creative

LED ceiling tiles can be used on walls for
advertising and display purposes.
Plus, it can also be used to mimic
a window looking out into fields
when the room has no natural

Dynamo led displays
ST Series display High refresh rate

LED Ceiling Tiles High refresh rate

Conventional display screen Low frequency refresh rate

Conventional display screen Low frequency refresh rate

High-definition screens

Panoramic vision restores true colors


High brightness with outstanding contrast Offer you the best visual experience with our LED ceiling tiles


display screen /
With PC-Glass Pl

Conventional display screen / With PC-Glass Plate

Step one

Tilt the cabinet upwards with your hand

Step two

Lift the cabinet through the ceiling grid

Easy to instal

Step three

Align position

Step four

Put the cabinet on the ceiling grid to complete installation

Easy to install

Lightweight cabinets with two simple connections and intuitive software makes these LED ceiling tiles extremely easy to install in just four simple steps.

Serial Connection for Power
Serial Connection for Signal
Mapping Software for different positions
Four simple steps to replace your ceiling

Specification Find Everything You Need

Detail Specification Find Everything You Need
Detail Specification
LED Type
70756 dot/m²
Module size (W x H)
300 x 600mm
Cabinet size (W x H x D)
600 x 600 x 63mm
Weight (pcs)
Aluminum Alloy
≥ 3000:1
Scan mode
1/20 Scan
≥ 500nits
Gray scale
≥ 13bit
Refresh rate
≥ 3960Hz
Viewing angle
H 160° / V 160°
Colour temperature
IP rate
Max Power consumption
Average Power consumption
Supply voltage
AC 100-240V
Max number of connections
Signal Input