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Interactive LED Tickers – Paco Rabanne

Interactive LED tickers by Dynamo LED Displays that allow customers to scan a QR code which then takes them to a customised web page that allows the submission of custom messages that then appear instantly. The custom software developed by Dynamo uses artificial intelligence to scan messages for inappropriate content as well as words or terms deemed unacceptable by the client. The cloud based software gave clients access to the backend which enables them to set levels that the artificial intelligence would deem toxic and then ban messages from appearing. It also allowed for control of various other functions such as custom fonts, scrolling LED speed of the text, text copy for the default message and font colour.

The LED tickers were installed across Selfridges stores at London, Manchester and Birmingham with the most prominent location being the main window at the London store on Oxford Street built in 1909. They were installed as part of the advertising campaign for the brand new fragrance Phantom. The Paco Rabanne fashion house was started in 1966 after he had started his career in fashion making jewellery for the likes of Givenchy, Dior, and Balenciaga.

The custom p3mm interactive LED tickers were made from two separate units, one of which was split into 3 segments and another that was split into 2 double sided segments. The rows of text then alternated between rows 1, 3, 5 and 7 to show either content on loop of the Paco Rabanne call to action or the customer input messages which included emojis and the Phantom logo. Each location had its own QR code that took customers to specially designed website with Phantom branding and loaded a submission column to upload text which then displayed for 5 minutes before the Phantom colour gradient then took over.

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