If you need an LED stock price display, stock price sign or LED ticker to display financial information – you have come to the right place!Our LED displays that are connected to live rss feed systems, are programmed to display the very latest prices and developments within your business.The best part about these signs is the fact that there are many different options when it comes to how the LED information is displayed on the LED ticker tape. For example, you have the option of controlling the information using a computer or the displays can be programmed to display up to date and current content as soon as it changes. We can set this up for you by connecting it to a specific software that can be linked directly to your computer terminal.These types of financial LED displays can also be used when a financial institute (such as a bank)to show relevant data to clients and customers. There will also be a larger one at the front of the line to alert the customers in line when the next teller is available. In addition to banks, there are also a number of retail stores that have started using these kinds of signs as a way to keep people up to date on their financial performance.

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