Trailer size 5180×1710×2640mm
Screen Size 2560×1600mm,Dot Pitch:P3/P4/P5/P6
2560×1600mm,Dot Pitch:P3/P4/P5/P6
980×1440mm,Dot Pitch:P3/P4/P5/P6
Hydraulic lifting range 1.6m
Brake oil brake
Wheel base 3070mm

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The E-SD3070 LED Trailer is an industry-leading mobile LED display perfect for any large-scale outdoor event. Featuring a spacious, full-color 18 square meter LED screen and advanced audio system, this trailer provides immersive visuals and sound quality for audiences. With a state-of-the-art control system and 16:9 widescreen display with 4K resolution, the E-SD3070 offers unparalleled performance and visibility. Ideal for any special occasion, the E-SD3070 is sure to make your event stand out from the crowd!
Trailer size5180×1710×2640mm
Screen Size2560×1600mm,Dot Pitch:P3/P4/P5/P6
2560×1600mm,Dot Pitch:P3/P4/P5/P6
980×1440mm,Dot Pitch:P3/P4/P5/P6
Hydrauliclifting range 1.6m
Power supply220V/8KW Generator power
Wheel base3070mm
Stage2600×1200×700m m
Chassis brandFoton Times Xiangling V
Kinds Of Playcomputer display
Wind ResistanceAgainst level 8 wind after screen lift up 1.6m
Kinds Of Playcomputer display
CharacteristicSuper advertising effect;exquisite
interiors ;high end truck can attract more peoples attention!
PackingProfessinal packing with fixed in container
HS Code8705909990