DynamoLED Series Smart Conference System

Product Features:

  • Highly integrated, self-contained

AIO (All In One) all-in-one design, integrates
Android system, OPS computer, multi-touch screen,
video switcher, transmission card, and professional
audio system. Feature-rich, powerful, and highly
integrated, eliminating the need for complex
peripherals and complex wiring connections.

  • High Reliability

Collision test of COB panel

Easy to clean with water
Antistatic function

  • Built-in Android 8.0, WINDOWS10 two-in-one system, seamless switching, powerful full coverage
  • Multi-screen interaction,wireless sharing

Wireless screen transmission across operating systems
Standard hardware screen player one-button transmission
Support up to 9 points screen with the same screen display

  • Easy to install and maintain

Modular assembly, front

maintenance to save space; Support wall hanging, hanger, wall landing base, moving bracket a variety of installation methods

Complete Set of Accessories



Smart led Series Conference System 4

Dynamoled Series Conference System 5

Dynamoled Series Conference System 3

Dynamoled Series Conference System 7


Dynamo LED Displays is proudly featuring our new product “Dynamo Smart Conference System”. Dynamo LED Provides high-quality pictures over wireless transmission without any need for old School wires with our new transmission technology you can stream High-quality video transmissions through the air in your room without any long and messy wires.

The Dynamo Smart Conference System is a very reliable solution for any user. You can clean the Display with water without any need for specialist cleaning equipment. We’ve already done collision testing for COB Panel if you have any concerns about our durability and each panel within the display is modular. We’ve designed our product to be slim and very reliable for the longterm. We’ve not compromised on our product’s quality and reliability.


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