LED Ticker Curved

Curved LED Ticker The UK Headquarters of China Mobile International

Dynamo LED Displays have installed a curved LED ticker tape that stretched the circumference of the entire entrance of the China Mobile UK headquarters in Slough. The telecommunications company with nearly half a million employees worldwide and a total revenue of over £82 billion recently opened the building which includes a huge 10MW data centre. The Chinese Government hopes the facility will help to develop closer ties between Asia and Europe via land and maritime networks.

LED Ticker Curved

The overall resolution consisted of 12,000 pixels by 96 pixels and required a custom built LED processor to run the content which can be updated both remotely via cloud CMS or via the local network.

Dynamo adopted our flexible rubber LED modules which allowed us to create seamless curves around each corner of the room and fit perfectly with the existing architecture. The installation took place over 2 weekends and was fixed back to steel girders using customised brackets, plasterboard walls and also hung from the ceiling in the corner of the room.

The content consisted of scrolling text in multiple languages welcoming visitors into the building including English, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, French and Hebrew. Content on the LED ticker is scheduled so that different messages play at certain times and the display is turned off during the night.

This is not the first time Dynamo have created an LED ticker that curves having completed the installation of another S shaped ticker tape at the Glasgow University campus back in 2015 and supplied our rubber LED modules to Dublin Airport which were then used to create a large display across the main duty free store.

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