Led Interior bulbs


Who is the winner? Well, for starters, both the technologies use different mechanisms for the emission of light. In some cases, CFL will entice you while in others LED is the winner. However, before deciding, let’s have a look at what exactly these optical devices are!

CFL Lamps – White, Fluorescent Bulbs

CFL or Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are based on the principle of fluorescence. The gas filled in the hollow glass tube of the lamps is mercury. When electricity is passed through the gas, it ionizes the valence electrons of the mercury ions, and they jump to the higher energy levels. When they jump back to their original energy level, they release energy in the form of ultraviolet radiations. The fluorescent coating on the inner side of the bulb helps to convert the UV rays into that of visible light. The electricity is mainly generated in the electromagnetic ballast located below the gas-filled tube. The glass of the lamps is made up of phosphor, a synthetic fluorescent, which emits white light when high energetic electrons strike its surface.

LED Lamps – A Diode Technology

LED or Light Emitting Diode is where a heavily doped p-n junction diode is used in the forward-biased mode for the emission of light. It works on the concept of electron-hole recombination where the light is emitted with a frequency equal to the band gap energy of the diode. LEDs use the concept of semiconductors, and that is why it comes in a wide range of colors and materials as well. One of the best examples where you can see the different colored LED sign applications is in the traffic lights. Here is a great video that reveals details in pictures.

Advantages of LED over CFL

Let’s have a glance at why LEDs are worth your time and money!
  • Lifetime of Illumination

Have you ever taken a close look at the LED display of your phone or TV? If yes, you will see that the light emitted from the display remains the same throughout the time of usage. It barely falters and thus it’s illumination power is commendable. On the other hand, considering the CFLs, its lifetime is only for 10000 hours after which its illumination decreases to 70%.
  • Variations in the Device

CFL lamps are of two types- integrated and non-integrated lamps. This is mainly based on the placement of the ballast in the device. It comes only in white color. However, considering a LED light, you will have a wide range of spectral colors belonging to UV, visible, and IR spectrums. Also, LEDs are made up of different materials like organic LED, inorganic LED, phosphor LED, and so on.
  • Environment-friendly

LEDs are environment-friendly as they hardly require replacement and they also do not contain any harmful material. They use less chemical materials and do not emit UV rays reducing considerably the carbon footprint. Their parts are 100% recyclable. On the other hand, CFLs require frequent replacements, and they contain mercury, which is quite harmful to humans. Also LED device saves electricity consumption, and can save up to 80% energy.
  • Sharp image

The Inbuilt features give all LED products a clear cut image.
  • Less heating

After a usage of long hours usually the device get warm, but it is not so in thus case.
  • Maintenance

With a long lifespan, LED’s do not need to be replaced as often, as the traditional ones. When it comes to public places like airports or stations it significantly reduces the maintenance staff required to for the lightning system.
  • Compact

LED bulb lights are compact and ideal. They come in small sizes which makes it compact and ideal to be fitted in areas which has shortage of space. It can be as small as 2mm.


With the growth and advancement in technology day by day. We see new gadgets arriving day by day. The display of the LED screen gives a clear image with high resolution. In the field of marketing, we can see the good role played by these gadgets day by day. LED screen is now widely being used in different electronic items, and slowly the device is replacing the CFLs. The efficiency and contribution of LED to the lighting world are marvelous and incredible. It has found wide applications in various sectors including communication. So, maybe it is the time to use these lights over CFL. What do you think?