3 Sided Wall
Dynamo LED used our 2mm LED to create a 3 sided LED wall for filming this BT Sport feature. The short clip was aired during the UEFA Champions League show and featured dancers performing on a LED floor provided by the shows producers that interacted with the moves of the artists. The Champions League is a club football competition contested by top-division European clubs and organised by the Union of European Football Associations. It starts with a round-robin group stage, and moves straight into a knockout format and tournament final.


The 3 sided LED wall was built using Dynamo LED Displays DEX series that has a special resin layer over the top of the LEDs that not only protects them from damage but also increases the contrast levels and improves the colour balance. A total 22.5m² was used in a formation of 3m x 2.5m x 3 sides and the production team also supplied an LED floor that was interactive with the artists dance moves. 3-sided-xr-wall.jpg


The advert using the 3 sided LED wall was filmed at the Aquifer Film Studio. With a unique design and great access, Aquifer Film Studio is a photographic studio in East London, the heart of the art community of London. The ease of access from the parking lot to the stage on the ground floor could not have been more convenient.